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Default Need a reputable online tea source

Is there a particular vendor that you feel is comparable to Adagio but
with better prices? One thing about Adagio that I like is that they
get their teas directly from the region. While there are other
websites that do this, they charge a LOT more (like Rishi Teas).

And with the exception of Adagio, I agree with the comment about the
top-ranking tea websites on Alexa. There are a lot of websites that
unfortunately people have to find word of mouth. A lot of those
popular vendors have a lot of presence in the marketplace and on
grocery store shelves; something these internet-only places can't get.

Just like real coffee drinkers probably don't buy coffee at Starbucks.
Heck, I try to avoid that whenever I can. Unfortunately, as they are
buying up more places, this is becoming increasingly more difficult.

On Oct 4, 7:30 pm, "Dominic T." wrote:
On Oct 4, 5:26 pm, " wrote:

Two good vendors that I haven't seen mentioned yet: - They sell by the ounce at reasonable prices and with
every order, they will give up up to five free samples (or a very
nominal charge for the pricey teas- like white).

Enjoyingtea - Excellent prices, even though they don't sell anything
less than 4 oz. They send them in air-tight, opague resealable bags.
They also send various gift with certain purchases.

And while I haven't ordered from them, yet, I've heard wonderful
things about dragonwater, too. The tea shop I goes to likes and uses
them often. I plan to order a bunch when I get the chance.

Why are some people hating on Adagio? I was pretty impressed with
their service and products.

On Oct 3, 11:52 pm, Tea Sunrise wrote:

I hope I don't turn this thread into advertisement for online tea
websites, but I'm looking to buying my loose leaf teas online. I just
can't trust the tea and herbal shop near me since the turnover of
their bulk teas is not that high. Whole foods market has a pretty
good selection, but I've seen better prices on

However, I've noticed has harvest dates which is great
information to provide in my opinion. I"ve also liked Adagio. Other
attributes like customer satisfaction, online security, and product
consistency are preferable. Thanks for your help.

I wouldn't say hate, just that Adagio is simply outclassed and
outperformed by many of the sites listed in this thread. They are a
mid-grade vendor with prices that are mid to high. It's not a reason
to hate them, and in some instances and niches they are viable, but
just not for me and the tea and accessories I buy. I have also had
down-right terrible teas and tisanes from them, so that combination
means I can (and do) better elsewhere. That's all.

Also, just an FYI, Alexa rankings are basically useless outside of the
SEO crowd/fad. A high Alexa rating is probably the best way to *rule
out* serious tea vendors. Real tea is not what the average (non-
teabag) person is seeking and buying online. They range from the
cureall/health nut tea believers, to the trendy types who believe
expensive and fancy websites equals "the best" tea... but not so much
the true enthusiast. You'll never see Yunnan Sourcing, Houde, Jing,
etc. on Alexa...

- Dominic