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Default remote thermometer

Dan [email protected] wrote in

charlyhorse wrote:
Hi I'm fairly new to this group but I've messed up a fair amount of
beef on my offset in past. I needed a new thermometer and was looking
at Lowes home improvement online and ran across a neat little
talking thermometer with remote capabilities, it ran just under $30
usd. It's an Oregon scientific AW131. Tried it this weekend and I
had a problem getting the sensor and reciever to talk to one another
but once they did it worked pretty well. I could keep an eye on my
temperature and the football game without leaving easy chair.While
I'm not sure I'll use the programmed settings too much it did serve
as an alert when fire got too hot... be nice they had one that
alerted when temp dropped as well. I was just impressed with it
over all and I thought I'd pass the info along.

a link to Oregon Scientific with some specs outlined.

n- Scientific-Thermometers-AW131.html

The Maverick is a dual temp thermometer that will watch the food and
the smoker. I have used mine at 75' though a concrete block wall with
great results. It won't talk to you but it has alarms you set for
minimum and maximum smoker temp as well as maximum (finished) food
temp. It's great for the overnight cooks.

BTW- On the Maverick to sync the receiver and transmitter you only
have to turn them both on at about the same time. It's very simple.


Well dang... Wish I'd shopped a lil farther But I suppose this one
will do me. as to the sync it should have worked the same way on
this unit but I had to depress to press the reset a couple of times
since then it's not dropped out.