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Default New DigiQ II test

"Steve Calvin" wrote in message

I've been using/smoking/cooking on the BGE off and on since January - so
far, about 60% "success" trying different things from loin, shoulder,
brisket and ribs - so far, I haven't been able to get the ribs by low and
slow, but I hope the digiq can help me!

Thanks for any advice!

konewt in Decatur, GA

Personally, for ribs I don't use any other therm. except the one for
measuring the pit temp and keeping it around 225-250. When you pick 'em
up and they "break" when you start to bend 'em, they're done.


I setup the pit temp on the grate at 230, and about 4 hours later, the baby
backs were pulling away from the bone. The ribs were the best I ever made to
Thanks to Steve and others here for the advice.
My next trial is either a whole turkey, or turkey breast.
Any suggestions for turkey?

konewt in Decatur, GA