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Default Chinese/Japanese way of eating soup?

Michael wrote on Wed, 26 Sep 2007 16:49:01 -0400:

??>> Hi, I have a friend who says that in China/Japan the
??>> appropriate way to eat/drink soup (eg, miso soup) is to
??>> take the bowl in one hand, tip it and drink from it while
??>> simultaneously using the chopsticks in your right hand to
??>> sort of.. shovel.. the chunkier bits into your mouth.

??>> He says the big spoons that are used in Western Asian
??>> restaurants are not used in the East.

??>> Can anybody corroborate this?

I think that it is true that people drink soup from the bowl in
Japan judging by movies as others have mentioned. I have tried
it that way and it's not difficult tho' I find it less messy to
use chopsticks for noodles etc.

I wonder what is the custom in Viet Nam for Pho. Around here,
people of all ethnicities eat the noodles and meat with
chopsticks. It might be quite practical to drink the remaining
soup from the bow but it's a big bowl and I've never seen anyone
do it.

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