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Default Ezekiel Bread

In article , Christophe
Bachmann wrote:

karl a écrit :
I have been looking for a recipe for Ezekiel Bread. I had one which
my wife used for a while (it was fantastic) but am not sure where it
went. Does anyone have any good ideas for this?


I don't know if that's the one you're looking for, but it's the first
one a google search yealds (among a lot of frozen germinated stuff.)

On the 'nutritionally complete' thing, I'd have thought it was lacking
in vitamin C, also in some of the fat-borne vitamins.

There was an excellent book some years ago (I've met and talked to the
author, retired Vice- Chancellor of Queen's University Belfast, but
can't remember the name) about the diet of the Irish before the potato
famine - virtually nothing but potatoes, with the odd, very occasional
bit of a) herring or b ) cabbage c) fatty pork and d) buttermilk.

Oddly enough, they thrived on it, and were famoous for their strength,
health, and good looks. Potatoes packed with high quality protein and
vitamin C, and the crucial other ingredients providing those elusive
vitamins that severe diets tend to omit.

It was a great surprise to me to discover that potatoes, condemned in
my childhood, were such a 'perfect' food.