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Default Chinese/Japanese way of eating soup?

On Sep 26, 5:52 am, Peter A > wrote:
> In article >,
> says...
> > Hi, I have a friend who says that in China/Japan the appropriate way to
> > eat/drink soup (eg, miso soup) is to take the bowl in one hand, tip it and
> > drink from it while simultaneously using the chopsticks in your right hand
> > to sort of.. shovel.. the chunkier bits into your mouth.

> > He says the big spoons that are used in Western Asian restaurants are not
> > used in the East.

> > Can anybody corroborate this?

> I know that what you say is true in Japan. I have heard that it is also
> true in China, but I've never been there so can't be sure.

One things for sure, chopsticks wouldn't work very well for the broth

For soup, a spoon more "useful." See:

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