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Default Bradley packaging

You know, I don't understand why companies don't spend the money
(almost "whatever it takes") to get competent package designers and
builders on their staff. I get more stuff that is beat all to hell
and back that is shipped by UPS and FedEx than I can count.

I buy a lot of stuff for my business online, and the first thing I
have to do is immediately open the shipping box and check for damage
so I can contact the company and file a claim if I need to.

I got my WSM from Amazon, and when it came it looked like King Kong
played soccor with it. The bottom bowl was bent our of shape, the
vents were bent so that they didn't close, and the access door was
bent as was one of legs. I couldn't for the life of me figure out how
one leg got bent.

At their cost to send all that to me as replacements, including the
parts shipped one at a time, it sure seems to me that it would have
been a lot cheaper to design the packing better and to pack it
correctly/better from the factory.

But hey... what do I know, they never asked me.