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On Thu, 13 Sep 2007 12:05:45 -0700, Nonnymus > wrote:

>Reg wrote:
>> Nonnymus wrote:
>>> Reg wrote:

>> I'm not as down on the Bradley as it may seem, I just don't
>> impart benefits on it that it doesn't really have. My hardcore
>> bbq friends would never touch the thing, but I've recommended
>> it to my more casual bbq pals who find the convenience worth
>> the added expense. It's a matter of truth in advertising.
>> I tell them what it can/can't do, how much the actual costs
>> are, and they make the decision for themselves.

>Well said, Reg. I've not been inside my smoke generator's mechanism, so
>I cannot comment on its ruggedness.

I can rig my Kamado [#7] to cold or hot smoke, but it's a real
procedure that neither the K or I enjoy very much. The Bradley makes
it drop-dead easy. So I blow a few bucks on NHL rejects . . . I'll