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Default Bradley packaging

This is just a FWIW that might be of interest to anyone considering the
mail order purchasing of a Bradley smoker.

I bought a Bradley smoker last fall, and was very impressed with how
well it was packaged to survive the UPS/FedEx/Airborne "experience."
Recently, I purchased another and had it shipped to my son in another
state. Like mine, his arrived in absolutely perfect condition. My son
is a Director in one of the largest global manufacturing companies,
having come thorough the materials management side. His comments to me
about the Bradley dealt so much with its intelligent and thorough
packaging that I thought it was worth mentioning. Anyone who has
concern about damage during shipping, should take some comfort.

He has wings marinating as I write this, and his first Bradley-cooked
feast will be tonight. Although I also got him the BBQ Guru Competitor
kit for the Bradley, his first smoke will be merely using the Bradley
controls. His serious work will begin next week when he does his first
Butt, though being a Texan, I'm sure a brisket won't be far behind. For
him, I typed up my own recipe for rub and mop, and also gave him my best
formula of time, temp, meat temp and smoke. Hopefully, he can take what
works for me and expand on it.

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