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Default boiled potatoes in slow cooker?

Julie Bove wrote:

> "jmcquown" > wrote in message
> ...
> > Dan Goodman wrote:
> > > I want to boil potatoes in a slow cooker. Googling for recipes
> > > turns up: 1) Recipes for stuff which can be served with boiled
> > > potatoes 2) Recipes for dishes which include boiled potatoes --
> > > and it seems at least half of them say to boil the potatoes and
> > > then add them.

> >
> > I've never heard of it but I don't see why it couldn't be done.
> > Would take a terribly long time, though, even with the slow cooker
> > set to High. Probably more efficient to just boil them in a pan on
> > the stove. Definitely faster!

> I've done potatoes in the slow cooker, but they weren't boiled. More
> like steamed. Simply put them in, cut into chunks if not baby
> potatoes. Add a small amount of broth or water, some butter or olive
> oil, salt, pepper and a bit of parsley. They come out very nice.


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