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Default Comparison of roast pork- report on finding

Edwin Pawlowski wrote:

"Nonnymus" wrote in message
Well, we had our little experiment and the results were what I'd expected.
The butt won hands down when it came to making a sandwich. I made the two
sandwiches my favorite way, using hot dog buns, slaw and spicy vinegar
topping. The one made using my friend's roasted and pulled loin was
mushy, had no bark and lacked any smoke flavor.

I'm not sure what the goal really was. Sort of like comparing apples and
oranges to see which makes the best orange juice. Or saying a Ferrari is a
lousy car compared to the Family Truckster because you can't fit four sheet
of plywood in it. They each have a place.

Butt is made for pulled pork. Loins make good sandwiches, but it is not
meant for barbecue. Slice it thin with mayo and a slice of tomato and you
have a good sandwich. Or in gravy for a hot pork sandwich.

I don't know, loin / tenderloin does well marinated or rubbed and
lightly smoked, particularly jerk rubbed. Still sliced, not pulled