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Pensrock wrote:

> I'm looking for pros and cons about the Bradley digital smoker. Also
> where is the best place to get the best deal on one should I decide to go
> that way. I do not plan to do much hot smoking although it appears it will
> do hot smoking. I mainly want to smoke sausages, cheeses and jerky. So most
> of what I will be doing is cold smoking. I'm sure I will be tempted to try
> my hand at some hot smoking/cooking. I've wanted to try to smoke fish,
> poultry, beef and pork.

For cold smoking the Bradley is a good value, especially if
you value your time. It's exceptional in that it can keep a very
low temperature. It's very steady all on it's own, without the
constant tinkering that most smoker setups require to keep such
a low temp.

It's very expensive though, relatively speaking. The little
prefab wood pucks cost about a buck an hour of running time.
You should work out your total costs over time and decide from

How many hour per week will it get used? I run my smokers,
both hot and cold, at least 20 hours per week. Sometimes a
lot more. At $1 per hour it would cost me at least $1000
per year. That's the cost of a high end grill, every year,
forever. Too much in my book. So I use the Bradley only for
cold smoking and other much more economical units for hot