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Default chocolate chip cookies

Mark Zanger wrote:
> Jean -- the story is fairly clear. Ruth Wakefield was working with an old
> recipe for "Butter Drop do." between 1930, when she opened the Toll House,
> and 1937 when she published the recipe in Toll House Recipes (as Chocoate
> crisp cookies or something like that). The "do" is ditto, and the recipe is
> in Amelia Simmons. She put in broken chocoate to get a chocolate cookie, and
> was surprised that the chips were insulated by the dough, and did not melt
> into the cookies. The Nestle distributors found out that she was ordering a
> lot of chocolate, and looked into it, eventually buying rights to Toll House
> Cookies, and manufacturing a chococalte chip of uniform size.
> Most of this is in Lee Edward's Benning's book about origins of dishes,
> attributed to a newspaper article. I will eventually find the newspaper
> article, as I have a phone number for Wakefield's daughter.
> --Mark Zanger
> author, The American Ethnic Cookbook for Students
> The American History Cookbook

This only showed up on my server today!!!! We have already
communicated re this by now, and I remain skeptical.... :-)

BTW, I did note that in your American History Cookbook, you
stuck with the facts that can be discerned. That is kind-of
where I am coming from too.

Jean B.