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Default preserving baked goods

I have found that if you use Vital Wheat gluten when you are baking that it
extends the shelf life, and also if you are baking yeast goods if you would
replace some of the water with just a Tablespoon of vinegar that helps also.
You can also replace a Tablespoon of flour with Fruit Fresh that also
extends freshness.

I bake without salt so I use these techniques to help keep in the freshness
and soft product.

You may look at to find more information on baking. I am not
affiliated with this web site just use their recipes and recommendations
because of my husbands health conditions.

The homemade bread I make stays fresh for at least 4 days using the methods
I described. .

"Again please pardon my use of mentioning this web site, its just where I
found this infomation and good cookbooks they have published. They also have
recipes on the web site. "