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Default Just have to say I love BBQing

I'm having over all of immediate family tomorrow, as well as a
few old friends, which is an excuse to cook up a storm. So I've
got two shoulders in the Silver Smoker today; they went in at 130pm,
and have been running around 240-250 with very little attention.
I used a few foil-wrapped chunks of hickory for smoke in the first 2
hours, and the Rancher briquettes are cruising just like lump.
The cooker is so stable I didn't think twice about going down to
Costco and Safeway to get stuff for tomorrow. I had to tap
the damper open a little when I got back, it was down to 220F :-)

I expect to pull the shoulders out around 2am, wrap 'em and
store them in a Coleman, they should be fine until daylight
when I'll check them.

I'm also going to plank wild salmon and jerk chicken, that'll
cook tomorrow. So it's BBQ and grilling this weekend and it's
reminding me just how much I love doing it, almost as much as
eating it.

A bonus will be a week's worth of leftovers. Mmmmmm!!