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Default Baked frittata?

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"Felice Friese" wrote:

Most of the recipes I have call for cooking frittata on the stove top and
then perhaps giving it a quick broil. I'm looking for one I can do
in the oven. Does anyone have a favorite? I would prefer a tested one
because I won't have time to give it a try before I serve it to guests on
Sunday. Thankew.



Google for Quiche. ;-)

Thanks, Om, for suggesting that I check out the 5,700,000 quiche recipes on
Google, but I consider quiches to be more of a custard dish, and frittatas
to be omelets. Also, as I noted, I was looking for a tested recipe and
figured someone's favorite would be nicer for my guests than a random choice
from among Google's 1,430,000 frittata recipes :-)