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Default Baked frittata?

On 2007-08-22, Giusi wrote:

This is more a sformato than a frittata.

How so? From what I've googled, a sformato comes up everything from a
flourless cake to a souffle to a timbale. Some versions use a
bechamel sauce ...which pretty much kills the "flourless"
definition.... while others use cream, which turns it into a custard,
more akin to a quiche than a frittata. According to one definition I
read, sformato is more a method than a recipe, so I guess the
ingredients are up for grab. But, to me, Echo's recipe sounds pretty
much like a frittata. No cream or flour. Eggs are just beaten till
mixed, not whipped. Her version differs only by how long it's left on
the stovetop before baking, a technicality that seems minor compared
to all the mixture variations I've read. What's the "real dope" on a
true Italian sformato?

BTW, Mario Balto made the bechamel version with a fondata sauce. Sounded
nice, but nothing like any frittata I've ever experienced.