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Default Is anyone out there doing Extended Maceration?

Sorry to be dumb but what's delestage?


Joe Sallustio wrote:
Joe, do you do a delestage(sp?) and remove most of
the seeds when you transfer?

No on the delestage but I should, thanks for reminding me... It's
pretty easy with small pails but it's messy. Yes on the seeds, I
remove them as I combine pails. They end up in a mass at the bottom
of each pail and go in the garden like everything else. I punch down
once in the morning, once in the evening at minimum. You probably get
hotter ferments than me because I have more surface area exposed; you
may extract faster than me too.

I do a sort of Saignée though; I usually make a light red from
Grenaché and may do the same with Syrah this year; those skins go in
with something else once pressed. Those are crushed and pressed the
same day. It's not blush; more of a Rosé. It's very good as a dry