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Default TN: La Vieille Ferme Rosé and de Montille Volnay

On Aug 10, 1:05�am, Mark Lipton wrote:
Tonight, we celebrated Jean's return from several days of privation at a
scientific meeting in a New Hampshire boys' school by cooking dinner and
opening a couple of wines.

With a tomato gazpacho:
2006 La Vieille Ferme Cote de Ventoux Rosé
c: lurid hot pink
n: muted, a hint of strawberry
p: fairly simple with a limited sense of fruit, decent acidity

Although not a very exciting rosé, it did stand up well to the tomatoes
in the gazpacho.

With smoked duck, green beans and bread:
1988 de Montille Volnay 1er 'Tailepieds'
c: intense ruby red with faint orange at the rim
n: initially, pencil lead and a green, sappy note; after 45 minutes'
decanting, bright raspberry
p: tart raspberry, resolved tannins, medium body, acidic

Although Jean and I find that Pinot Noir usually pairs better with some
birds other than duck, the smoking of this bird called for a Burgundy
and we just happened to have a few bottles of this lying around the
cellar from an auction lot purchased a year or two ago. *The decanting
was essential and several hours might have done it even more good. *No
hurry to open up the remaining bottles, that's cetain.

Mark Lipton
-- FAQ: *

La Vieille Ferme tends to provide good value, even if not excitement.

Not surprised the Montille needed time, lots of '88s do, and de
Montille wines tend to be real slow agers.

And I think you and Jean are insane if you don't usually like duck and