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Floyd Farcus
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Default Chef Tell Kitchen; celebrity kitchen designer?

(Michelle) wrote: 64

This designer evidently gives speeches all over the world about "ill
conceived kitchen designs." It looks like he will design one person's
kitchen in a while as he is in his 60s now (he studied Frank Lloyd
Wright and Aero Saarinan in the 1950s and onward at Yale I think) and
has attained a level of success.

Have you "noticed" that the drawings are Poggenpohl?

Poggenpohl U.S., Inc. operates more than 20 high-end flagship showrooms
nationally, featuring beautiful life-size luxury cabinetry displays. Please
visit one of our exclusive design showroom locations first-hand to see our
elegant, pioneering designs that repeatedly set standards, and to consult a
personal Poggenpohl Designer.

Our dedicated and experienced Designers will closely guide you through every
step of your home renovation project, whether you are looking to remodel your
kitchen, build a new bathroom vanity, or create shelving for a home library. In
addition to various innovative and functional cabinetry solutions, the finest
appliances can be tailored to your Poggenpohl design. Signature Poggenpohl
cabinet accessories for organizing supplies and utensils can also be purchased
from our showrooms. Our designs are not limited to kitchens - most anything is
possible with Poggenpohl.

To visit one of Poggenpohl’s flagship showrooms please select your desired
location on the map.

It appears that his name is just on a drawing....not necessarily meaning that he
is going to make you life better. Sounds like a con job since and quoting the
eBay ad

--This listing has been created by Mr. Rabinowitz's agent, M. Daniel Johansen.

Something makes me think this is nothing more than a fishing expedition for new
clients and you pay the finders fee! Elizabeth Taylor no more makes perfume
than M. Daniel Johansen designs kitchens using Rabowinitz's name.