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Default Chef Tell Kitchen; celebrity kitchen designer?

I was wondering if anyone out there in the has ever heard of the
celebrity kitchen designer Stephen Rabinowitz?? I want to find out if
it is just a fluke that my mother-in-law knew of him correctly as the
designer of Chef Tell's kitchen that was on TV. He evidently designed
one of Frank Sinatra's kitchens too. I was looking on eBay for
something to give my husband who is a chef and wants to get our home
kitchen redone and it seems like it would be great to have a design
for our future kitchen done by him. My husband always talks about how
kitchens are poorly designed and how you can't just have Home Depot
design your kitchen on
a computer videogame and expect to get a well thought-out design....

I am skeptical to bid because I want this to be a perfect gift.
Although at $300 for hand-drafted design, it seems like I should jump
on it. 64

This designer evidently gives speeches all over the world about "ill
conceived kitchen designs." It looks like he will design one person's
kitchen in a while as he is in his 60s now (he studied Frank Lloyd
Wright and Aero Saarinan in the 1950s and onward at Yale I think) and
has attained a level of success.

I like how my husband not only would be working with him continually
until he is satisfied with the design but we will use this expensive
gift for a long time, probably many years until we move.

Any thoughts??