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Nicholas Zhou
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Default How to Lose Weight Effortlessly - Part 1: Deal with Stress

From: Nicholas Zhou
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How to Lose Weight Effortlessly - Part 1: Deal with Stress

------- Learn how to beat your urge to indulge and lose weight

Overeating is easy to do. And when you do it, you're in good company. The
average number of
calories Americans eat daily has risen from 1,854 to 2,002 over the last 20
years, according to
government statistics. An extra 148 calories a day translates into a
15-pound weight gain each
year. Shave those extra calories, and you could lose that amount of weight.
You just need to be
more aware of how often and how much you eat.

Here are the four situations in which you're most likely to eat too much
without noticing:
Stressed, Socializing, Depressed, Bored. To find out which one is your
pitfall, keep a food diary
for one week. Every time you eat, make a note of the time, your location,
what you eat, and how
you feel. Look for the situations in which you eat mindlessly. Then follow
our experts' easy tips
on how to get back in touch with your body so you can lose weight.

Part 1:

How Not to Overeat When You're Stressed

Why Stress Makes You Eat Too Much: You overeat when you feel stressed to
prevent yourself from
feeling bad. Food becomes an easy way to distract yourself from
uncomfortable feelings, at least
temporarily, says John Foreyt, Ph.D., a medicine and psychiatry professor at
the Baylor College
of Medicine in Houston. And stress doesn't have to be negative to trigger
Research has shown that positive stress, like anticipating a wedding, can
cause you to overeat in
an effort to calm your excitement.

What to Do to Stop Stressed-Out Snacking: One of the best ways to stop
overeating is to take a
10-minute walk outside instead, says Foreyt. Doing so will help your body
produce endorphins,
feel-good brain chemicals that can counter feelings of stress.
During stressful periods, allow yourself to sit quietly and eat your meal
slowly--however long
that takes you, advises Geneen Roth, the Santa Cruz, Calif.-based author of
When You Eat at the
Refrigerator, Pull Up a Chair (Hyperion, 2001). Sitting down and taking
extra time is a great way
to make yourself feel calmer so you're less apt to go for seconds.

What to Do to Avoid Future Stress Binges: The key to avoiding stress-based
eating is learning to
distinguish stress from hunger, says Foreyt. Next time you're hungry, notice
any sensations in
your stomach, throat, or mouth. Then, whenever you reach for food, pause to
check for those

Once you've mastered distinguishing stress from hunger, focus on ways to
deal with stress more
effectively. Think about the cause of your stress, and take steps to reduce
it. For example, if
you're missing deadlines at your job, work on time-management techniques.

Extend your 10-minute walk to an hour-long one, advises Foreyt. Adding
exercise to your daily
routine is a sure-fire way to lower your stress level.

In addition to exercise, practicing regular relaxation techniques can
dramatically reduce your
daily stress. Foreyt recommends doing the following 15-minute progressive
relaxation technique
each day: Lie down on the floor or sit in a comfortable chair. Tense and
then relax each part of
your body one area at a time. Start with your toes and end with your scalp.

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Nicholas Zhou
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