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Default Dirt Oven skit on Mad TV

Rechazador de Disparates wrote in

Did anybody happen to see the Mad TV skit where a fast food restaurant
hired a wild-eyed employee named Jorge who violently disagreed with
the restaurant' faux-Mexican menu and started trying to cook
"authentic" Mayan food in a dirt oven?

He dug a hole in the floor. He told the assistant manager that "Our
Mayan ancestors came from the Earth. When they die, they rot in the
Earth. We do Number 2 in the Earth. And, therefore, we cook in the

An American wanted his faux-Mexican cuisine prepared without cheese,
and Jorge told him that it
just wouldn't be "Mexican" without the cheese.

He said, "In my country we have a cheese fiesta. Everybody takes part
in the churning of the milk, the
curding of the cheese, the molding of the curds, and finally there is
the most important ceremony of all,
the cutting of the cheese."

Actually the Mayan culture does not make Mexican food "authentic. The
majority of Mexico is of the Aztec culture when it comes to the Indians.
The Mayan culture consists of parts of Guatemala into Chiapas and Campeche
into the Yucatan Peninsula.

It is also quite possible that the American customer is allegic to cheese /
dairy products.