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Default 10950 west road--Redwood Valley-->>NOT for sale!

"DENDRONISTA" > wrote in message
| recently several webpages listed and may still list erroneously that
| Gabrielli Winery is for sale located at 10950 west road redwood valley
| california.
| this is nto true.
| a fraudulent title transfer and serious misrepresentations have
| ocurred.

A Sirius mispeling hath ocurred.

| currently under criminal investigation and subject to possible civil
| suits,this fraud is.
| Wacom corporation nor Mr.Takahashi of Wacom corp nor M.Watanabe inc
| nor Mr.Kusuhara have legitimate title.

Not true! This is a lie!
| the above have all committed fraud.

Lie Num. 2

| it is called mimbe in yakuza parlance.

No it isn't. Cite

| currently Gabrielli Winery is not for sale, lease, nor availabe in
| whole or part for anytype of conveyance whatsoever and anyone and
| everyone who has ever indicated otherwise is committing fraud.

They're not committing fraud, they're committing you---to the funny farm, with
chirping birds and people who twiddle their thumbs, ha ha, ho ho! They're
coming to take you away, ha ha, they're coming to take you away,,hee hee!


| better check your titles everybody. winery-rustling is the newest
| fad.
| and Wacom nor Takahashi nor any of their agents co=conspirators,
| collaborators etc have any claim nor right to 10950 west road in whole
| or part whatsoever.
| got it?
| schmucks. we will keep watching.
| sun crystal. yeah, really good tool for governmental agencies to watch
| over us. no wonder the atf caught fire.
| or was it the ttb?
| sam difference. those who know, noh.