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Default Recipe: Beef Sandwiches - Knock-off of Damsel's Chicago Beef Sandwiches

On Jul 8, 9:18 am, Melba's Jammin' wrote:
Beef Sandwiches - Pressure Cooker recipe
This is what I did for dinner last night. I made 5 sandwiches ( maybe
3-5 slices meat each) and there's enough beef left for another 3, I

Thanks to Damsel for inspiration. Crock pots and I don't get along and
since it was 97 degrees here yesterday, I wasn't keen on runnning the
oven any longer than necessary to bake Rob's birthday cake....

Thanks for taking time for the sammie share; saved/printed as
"Damsel's by Barb." I have a new pressure cooker needing use, and
this will be a great change from the now often (and a bit boring to
me) done "Jeanine's Sandwich Day" at work. My Marines are spoiled by
my Foccacia sammies made with various deli meats, tomatoes, lettuce,
pickles and a basil or olive pesto and served cold. These beef ones
will be a much easier take-in to assemble just by using the microwave
to very hot-heat the broth for then warming the beef slices in. Or as
often done, I could also take in my small crockpot for keeping the
broth hottest.
Appreciate as always!