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Default Oregano tostado?

No, I didn't mean "oregano tostada". I'm not talking about sprinkling
a bunch of oregano on a tortilla and nothing else.

I never ran across "oregano tostado" until recently and not too many
cooks seem to know about it.

There is only *one* mention of "oregano tostado" in

I ran across hundreds of Spanish language recipes that called for
"oregano tostado" and it seems that oregano leaves can be toasted and
ground or dried and ground and then added to whatever you're cooking.

My research leads me to wonder whether oregano leaves are usually just
dried and crumbled, or if some spice manufacturers actually do toast
their oregano.

One website said that it was toasted oregano that gave pizzerias the
special smell. I had always thought it was garlic.

I wonder if oregano would keep if I toasted a lot of it at one time
andkept it in spice jars.

Some M*******s claim that toasted oregano is a hallucinogenic drug and
there are so many claims like that it makes researching the subject
"Limpiar el cerdo de pellejos, grasa y huesos, sazonar con sal y una
parte del adobo hecho con la naranja agría, agua, ajo y el oregano
"Se muelen tomates, cebollas, ajos, chiles dulces, etc.,
se revuelven con la pimienta y lo demás, con el vinagre
y si quiere agrega hojas de oregano tostado y picado."

Just thinking about last fall's trip to San Miguel de Allende makes me
crave a meal with served up with little bowls of toasted oregano,
chopped onions & radishes, with super-fresh corn tortillas of course...