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Default Down and dirty potatoes

Nonnymus wrote:

Grab some baby red potatoes and cut them so that they're all about the
same size- bit sized. Put them in a dish or pan and sprinkle on a
good quantity of garlic powder, salt and pepper. Add a dash of
celery salt and then a good dash of either dried celery top, dill
weed or parsley and then coat liberally with EVOO. I cook them in
the microwave for small quantities or on the grill for larger
amounts. They're done when they're kinda wrinkled and can be
reheated without any degredation.

I'll want to try that - maybe tonight, as we're having two couples over.

Somebody at my wife's workplace does an even easier version: Cut 'em in
half, sprinkle with EVOO and Laury's Seasoned Salt, microwave 'til almost
done, grill to finish 'em up. Or, if the weather outside is frightful, just
cook 'em entirely in the microwave.