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Default Down and dirty potatoes

On 27-Jun-2007, Nonnymus wrote:

If you want to try something a little different, here's a recipe that is
good for 2 people or 200.

Grab some baby red potatoes and cut them so that they're all about the
same size- bit sized. Put them in a dish or pan and sprinkle on a good
quantity of garlic powder, salt and pepper. Add a dash of celery salt
and then a good dash of either dried celery top, dill weed or parsley
and then coat liberally with EVOO. I cook them in the microwave for
small quantities or on the grill for larger amounts. They're done when
they're kinda wrinkled and can be reheated without any degredation.

You can do variations with mushrooms, baby onion etc., but outside of
doing something a little different, you'll enjoy the basic recipe just
as much.


Just a note to tag on to what Nonny does with the little reds. I do some-
thing very similar. I don't limit it to reds though. My usual favorite is
Yukon golds, but I'm not loyal to any particular type. I wash them
thoroughly, then cut them into chunks. I put them into a large SS
bowl and slather them with EVOO first and then lay on the herbs and
spices. I haven't done them in the microwave from raw before, but will
give it a try now. Nonny's post reminds me that oil gets very hot in
the microwave and there's no reason it wouldn't do a credible job of
cooking the taters. Plus it's fast and very easy. In addition, I use
a drying rack the size of my sheet pan to keep the taters from direct
contact with the pan and let a little air under them. It works good for
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