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Default Tri Tip questions

You can sear the "fat cap" all you want.
Then when you trim off the cap you have meat
that looks naked to the world - no grill marks,
no bbq color, blanko. Don't slow-cook t.t.

JMHO - trim off the fat cap first. Do a dry rub of
your favorite mix. Direct heat cook - high and tight
(meaning if you have more than one t.t., keep them
nested together to save heat loss). Get a nice "crust" on each side - turn
twice or more to acheive the results. Goal is a med./rare inside with a nice
dark crust.

Always slice across the grain. Serve with Salsa.

"Jim Johansen" wrote in message
. net...

My questions a

Should I grill with the fat cap down? And how often should I turn the
meat if all?

I sear fat cap, then turn and let it finish over indirect medium /high

I am going to be slow cooking or using the indirect method by cutting off
one burner.

Is this a good idea or not?

I wouldn't cook this cut slowly.

Is using my little smoke box with hickory chips going to impart too much
flavor for something that's already going to be marinating overnight in
Teriyaki marinade?

Santa Maria style cooks them over oak and uses a simple rub like Susie Q's
(google it, you can buy it online). This is a delicious cut of meat.
It's great with salt and pepper. I personally wouldn't mask the flavor
with teiyaki, but I know many do.