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Default Large Rainbow trout ideas???

keep_it_simple wrote:

I respectfully ask for ideas...

I have been made a gift of a rather beautiful Rainbow trout (whole but
gutted, around 2 KG...currently deep frozen ).

I have a family BBQ this weekend and would love to present this as an extra

The only thing I would say is that I would rather avoid very spicy marinades
since not everyone likes fiery...they can always add firey sauce after!

I am no expert and usually limit myself to plain and simple
steaks/chicken/chops etc.

Go on...... make me a hero this weekend!!!!


If you don't want to grill the trout, then here's a suggestion: How
about trout muenierre/meunierre (sp?) or trout almandine? I believe
either is fairly easy to make and has a very delicate flavor. Although,
a 4.4 pound trout might not be a good candidate for either almandine or
muenierre. Just an idea.