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Default Brinkman Smok N Pro Vs. Char-Griller

JimnGin wrote:
A friend of mine is buying a charcoal grill/smoker, and can't decide
between the Brinkman Smok N Pro and the Char-Griller Super-Pro. What
is the general consensus here- which one is better, and why?

I don't know much about the Brinkman, but I own a CharGriller Smokin' Pro.
That's the one with the big cooking chamber and the offset firebox. I bought
mine at Loewe's or Home Depot - can't remember which. When I bought it, it
actually wasn't sold as the Smokin' Pro. You bought the two things
separately, each in its own box, and there were instructions as to how to
fit the two together. I made a mistake, and ended up with the wheels on the
wrong end. Not to worry - the firebox is heavy enough it balances out the
weight nicely, and it's actually easier to move around that way.

The upside: It does an absolutely fantastic job on every kind of meat.
The downside: It's a pretty cheap offset, so it has all the related
problems. Difficult to regulate the heat. Has to be babysat all day long.
Hard to clean. The paint flecks off the firebox and it rusts badly. Cast
iron cooking grates will rust even if you coat them with Pam.

Since I bought my Traeger, I doubt I'll use the CharGriller much. I keep
talking about having a party where the guys show up real early, and we all
take turns babysitting the CharGriller whilst drinking large quantities of
beer and solving all the world's problems. We'll see if that happens.

Oh, if your friend gets the CharGriller, the very first thing he should do
is take the cooking grid in the big cooking chamber and turn it upside-down.
Raise it up with the hanging brackets so it's just above the opening from
the fire box. Now, the heat and smoke will stay in the cooker longer and
you'll have better results.

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