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Default lump charcoal options/sources in Atlanta, Georgia area?

I picked up some of that wicked good charcoal here... they also sell
cowboy brand charcoal and big green egg band as well(which BGE brand
is made by cowboy for BGE). Various types of wood chips for different
smoking flavor...

They have a whole area of BBQ / grilling accessories and doodads, some
of which are actually useful.

WorkBench Ace Hardware

2983 North Druid Hills Road
Atlanta, GA 30329
(404) 325-8000

I was in and out in no time...


On Jun 15, 4:06 pm, Woogeroo > wrote:
> howdy folks...
> What are my options and where are the sources for goodlumpcharcoal
> in theAtlanta, Georgia area?
> -W