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Default Grills with IR Burners

"Tinman" wrote:

I looked at both and don't recall the two being similar in construction.
IIRC, the PF model's SS was mostly cosmetic and in the front.

OK, I stopped by again this evening. The non-IR PFs are as you described with a
SS cover trimed in black metal. The IR models are all 304 SS.

The patent that expired was for the ceramic design. They have since gone to
a SS burner design with the glass plate. That design is still

Yep. The TECs are using a metal IR burner as you mentioned. I was wrong to say
both were using a ceramic burner. The burner covers about 90% of the grate as
you mentioned.

Interestingly enough, the PF IR burner was rated at 18K BTU, but covers about
50% of the grate area. The TEC did not list a separate IR burner rating, but
based on the total burner rating, looked to be considerably less - around 12K.

They may get an equal temp at the food by putting the IR burner right under the
grate with only the glass plate in between.

The TEC burner also heats the entire area uniformly.

Hard to say how the PF would compare, other than the burner chamber is funnel
shaped and has a larger burner. The greater distance may even things out a bit.
The design of the metal around the burner would make it very easy to lay a sheet
of IR glass. This would protect the burner and possibly even things out were
that necessary.

Plenty of discussion about the model he

Good link - thanks.

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