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Default Grills with IR Burners

"Tinman" wrote:

Thanks for the comments!

I looked at both and don't recall the two being similar in construction.
IIRC, the PF model's SS was mostly cosmetic and in the front.

I'll go back and look again, but the booklet I have from Lowes and my memory was
that they were both 100% SS.

The patent that expired was for the ceramic design. They have since gone to
a SS burner design with the glass plate. That design is still

The TEC grill I looked at had a ceramic plate with the glass cover. Keep in mind
that both grills are less than $1000, so they won't be the latest technology.

The TEC burner also heats the entire area uniformly.

I didn't see any significant difference in the PF. It uses a flat ceramic burner
similar to the TEC model, but mounted about 6" below the grate and no glass.

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