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Default Beef Shoulder Clod

On Jun 19, 1:08 pm, Jason Tinling wrote:
On Jun 18, 8:11 pm, "Bill" wrote:

Anyone of you learned Q'ers here had any experience smoking a shoulder clod.
Could use any advice you can offer a relative newbie.


I've cooked a couple. The ones I've had to cook seemed less fatty
than a brisket, and it's a big, thick chunk o' meat. Due toth e time
constraints when I'm typically cooking them (out "camping"), I'd
probably cut any future ones into halves or thirds, and have an easier
time getting them to my preferred level of tender. Whole, at 12-13
hours of 275, I still found them to be a bit chewy (compared to my
brisket) but most of the folks eating it thought it was great stuff.

That's my experience, too.

After moving from Austin Texas, I first encountered shoulder clod in
SPFLD Illinois, where I could not find brisket at all. I cooked one
for a block party (where the State Police Pipe Band played) and I was
quite pleased with the outcome. The Illinoisians were quite vocal in
their liking of the meat. They had never had anything like it.

I've got a wheeled 55 gallon drum offset cooker that I can do two
clods in. I've only done that once, for a caver cookout here in
Richmond, VA. We couldn't get Cryo-vacced briskets until Walmart
showed up here.. and it was a bitch trying to find a real butcher shop
that would sell me a shoulder clod. Here, Ukrops reigns with piddling
packages of meat. The "butchers" look at you oddly when you ask to see
where a piece came from. "It came from a truck" , they will say.

But we now have a couple of high end foodie butchers here, and a
couple of carnicerias and at least one halal butcher who always has
goat and lovely lamb.