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Default Beef Shoulder Clod

"Bill" wrote in message

Anyone of you learned Q'ers here had any experience smoking a
shoulder clod. Could use any advice you can offer a relative newbie.


I've never cooked one, but I remember reading a piece by Danny Gauldin (If Danny says it, you can bet on it!),
but I can't find it right now.

Here's the best I can find tonight...
"The easiest way to describe them to you is to say that they are thick,
tough cuts of beef laden with collagen. Cook them long until
my section on Shoulder Clods. I know of a place or two in Texas that cook
them fairly fast, but they don't turn out very tender and they slice them
thin. Slicing them thin make them appear to be tender...the choice is yours.


That's not what I was looking for, but if you look around on his website,
you might be able to find and "read my section on Shoulder Clods"

Basically, what I'm remembering is to cook a clod similarly to the way you'd
cook a brisket.

When I read the article originally, I was looking for directions for a
friend who actually cooked a couple. They turned out great.

Good luck, and if I find anything else, I'll post it.