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On May 3, 8:51 pm, Dee Dee wrote:
On May 3, 3:28 pm, wrote:

I recently ordered an item from this company and they replied that it
would be backordered for two months. nevertheless they charged my
credit card for the full cost of the item. when i registered a
complaint, the customer service agent said this was standard practice
for this company. at my request, they have now promised to refund to
the credit card.

even if this was done in good faith, they wanted to use my money for
free for two months. and if the item was never supplied to them,
would they have spontaneously refunded the charged amount? i'm not

fyi, this kitchensource-com company runs the following websites:
:: Kitchen Accessories Unlimited
:: Cabinet Accessories Unlimited
:: Bathroom Accessories Unlimited
:: Home Accessories Unlimited
:: Patio Accessories Unlimited

What was it that you ordered? How much? No matter whatthe amount, it
is not right.

Just as it is not right for one of the big, big hardware stores to
want ALL the money up front before you even get a measurement -- and
I'm talking about thousands of dollars.

I,too, try to put charges on American Express as they tend to have the
best policy of returning money that a company has not delivered the


Hi Dee,

Kevin from here. Thank you for your feedback. I'm
terribly sorry that you feel mislead about your purchase with us.
Please allow me to clarify what occurred with your order. Because
products are generally in-stock and ready to ship, credit cards must
automatically be approved at the time an order is placed. This
practice ensures that there are enough available funds to cover the
purchase before it ships. This is common practice when purchasing
items online that are 'usually' ready to ship. Upon notification from
the warehouse that the item you purchased was on backorder, you were
immediately contacted and notified of the backorder, and the full
amount credited back to your credit card. I certainly do apologize
that your first choice of product was unavailable at the time you
wanted it. Hopefully, that fact that you were notified of the
backorder and credited in-full, both in good faith, will allow you to
give us a second look. If you have any questions or concerns,
please feel free to contact me directly.

Kindest regards,
Kevin Gleeson