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Default Traeger flavor issue (Was: Traeger Grill Temperature Problem)

Tinman wrote:

As for your incident, I wonder what would have happened if, as luck
would have it, your electrical power *did* go out--and then back
on--some time after the Traeger lost its fire. Seems there could have
been a crap load of pellets firing up at once, should that unlikely
scenario occur.

Well, I'm betting the pellets would stop with the electricity, then when the
power came back on, hopefully the glow plug would fire up for its 4 minutes
and gracefully ignite the pellets as the augur fed them. If not, well,
there'd be what I found that morning - a crapload of pellets that stupid ol'
me fired up by power-cycling the Traeger.

I've got a TEC series CB grill now and its on the TEC burner for any
steal I cook these days. If anything, might try searing a steak and
then finishing on the Traeger for more smoke flavor.

I'm thinking that just might be the ticket. Except for having to get two
pieces of outdoor cooking equipment uncovered, heated up, cleaned-up
afterwards, etc. Ah, but I bet the result is worth it!

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