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Default Traeger flavor issue (Was: Traeger Grill Temperature Problem)

"EZ" wrote:

"Tinman" wrote
Guess I must be the only Traeger owner not overwhelmed by the brand.
Was never happy with the cheapo 3-position switch either, the
solution to which costs $180 (a "digital" thermostat controller that
*begins* at 225 degrees). For nearly the price of just that
thermostat I can buy a WSM.

I just bought my Traeger 075 a couple of months ago. Bought the digital
thermostat after an overnight cook resulted in a cold smoker next morning,
with no fire.

Indeed I read about that incident. Fortunately haven't had it happen to me
yet, at least not accidentally. Did have an incident once where I had to
leave the house while a few butts were on the Traeger, about halfway done.
Told teenage daughter to essentially leave the grill alone, but showed her
where to safely turn it off should "disaster strike." Came home hours later
to a cold grill. Apparently "smoke" was disaster enough for her and she
killed it, along with the butts.

As for your incident, I wonder what would have happened if, as luck would
have it, your electrical power *did* go out--and then back on--some time
after the Traeger lost its fire. Seems there could have been a crap load of
pellets firing up at once, should that unlikely scenario occur.

I did some expensive steaks on it just a few nights ago. I have to say I'm
not overwhelmed by the brand, either. Next time I do a steak, it'll be on
a grill - either my Weber or my gas grill with some wood chips for the
smoke. The Traeger just doesn't get hot enough to sear a steak for me.

Yep, I went through the "try to grill a steak" phase when I first got my
Traeger too (it is called a "grill" after-all g). And indeed I can get
mine very hot in the summer heat, especially in the sun (when the internal
temperature is above 160 degrees before turning the grill on).

But in the end I realized it was the wrong tool for the job.

I've got a TEC series CB grill now and its on the TEC burner for any steal I
cook these days. If anything, might try searing a steak and then finishing
on the Traeger for more smoke flavor.

In case you missed it, I have posted about a great experience I had with my
Traeger, just yesterday. In a nutshell, I cooked the best BBQ spareribs I've
ever done. Fantastic.

I think, for the most part, I'm going to stick to basic BBQ stuff on the
Traeger (perhaps not too much chicken either).