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Default Traeger flavor issue (Was: Traeger Grill Temperature Problem)


"Tinman" wrote
Guess I must be the only Traeger owner not overwhelmed by the brand.
Was never happy with the cheapo 3-position switch either, the
solution to which costs $180 (a "digital" thermostat controller that
*begins* at 225 degrees). For nearly the price of just that
thermostat I can buy a WSM.

I just bought my Traeger 075 a couple of months ago. Bought the digital
thermostat after an overnight cook resulted in a cold smoker next morning,
with no fire.

I did some expensive steaks on it just a few nights ago. I have to say I'm
not overwhelmed by the brand, either. Next time I do a steak, it'll be on a
grill - either my Weber or my gas grill with some wood chips for the smoke.
The Traeger just doesn't get hot enough to sear a steak for me.

The newer digitals start at 180 (I have had mine two years)

Well, I just bought mine, and it starts at 225. I'm thinking it's the old
ones that start at 180, but I don't know.

Yes, there is a difference of temps by location: coldest on LH side,
hottest in center (over the burn pot), cooler on RH side. Put your
thickest portions in the center, thin to the end.

I've definitely noticed this as well. But, it seems to be only a difference
of about ten degrees or so, at least on my Texas model.

Traeger BBQ075 "Texas"
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