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Default Traeger flavor issue (Was: Traeger Grill Temperature Problem)

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"Edwin Pawlowski" wrote:

"Tinman" wrote in message
This has me puzzled since most everyone I know who has a Traeger loves
the flavor. And it's not that it is terrible to me or anything. Indeed
if I use a rub or other flavoring agents the "lumber" taste isn't nearly
as evident.

I've never had anything cooked on a Traeger, but it is common with
electric and some gas smokers to have that lumber flavor. The wood is
just not heated enough to get the same clean smoke you get from a real
flame. I've had some from gas smokers that were virtually
indistinguishable from wood fired cookers, I've had it from others that
had that lumber taste you speak of.

I'm going to buy one last batch of pellets and see how it goes.

What I find interesting is that most, if not all, Traeger's rubs contain
smoke flavoring. Indeed one friend who recommended Traeger uses the
chicken rub on most everything. It contains smoke flavoring. I don't quite
understand why a wood-fueled cooker, with a seemingly abundance of smoke,
would need the help of added smoke flavoring... unless it's to cover
something up g.

Guess I must be the only Traeger owner not overwhelmed by the brand. Was
never happy with the cheapo 3-position switch either, the solution to
which costs $180 (a "digital" thermostat controller that *begins* at 225
degrees). For nearly the price of just that thermostat I can buy a WSM.

For the record chicken seems to impart that lumber taste the most. Yea I
suppose chicken ain't real Q, but I have had decent chicken cooked on a
smoker before--and it didn't taste like a 2x4.


The only Traeger rub that I have with Liquid Smoke is the Salmon Shake. The
Prime Rib and Pork and Poultry do not show it. Shorter cook time on salmon?

The "Smoke" setting on both the 3-position and digital is a timed feed. It
is "set" so that the fire is not flaming when the new pellets are
introduced - thus the smoke before ignition.

The newer digitals start at 180 (I have had mine two years)

Yes, there is a difference of temps by location: coldest on LH side, hottest
in center (over the burn pot), cooler on RH side. Put your thickest portions
in the center, thin to the end.