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No I meant the leaf especially now since you mentioned it was sealed.
You are sitting on a gold mine in the terms of comparison taste. I
just tried some of my decades old stuff, some marinating in a foil
line bag. Strong aroma, strong taste, bright red liquor which I think
would be the give away if time ravaged. It struck me by just looking
at the dried leaf if any oxidized tea could be stored in a time vault
this one would be a candidate along with fermented teas. It looks
more similar to my fermented black Liuan than typical dark grey


Natarajan Krishnaswami wrote:
On 2007-06-08, Alan Petrillo wrote:
Space Cowboy wrote:
I wouldn't necessarily throw it out.

Throw it out? Good grief no! It was nectar!

I think he meant the tin, for when you go hunting for more.