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Default Traeger Grill Temperature Problem

On Jun 9, 6:30 pm, Nick Cramer wrote:
On Jun 9, 3:38 pm, "Dave Bugg" wrote:
On Jun 9, 1:26 pm, " BOB" wrote:
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[ . . . ]

If I do not get some clear direction this week I will be looking for a
way to sell it by next weekend. As much as I hated dealing with my
Good-One that I sold to keep from moving, I will probably get another
one. It makes a fabulous brisket and the ribs are good too. I had
hoped to get away from having to tend the fire.

It seemed to me that you had gotten some good suggestions from the folk
here. If, on the other hand, you want someone to hold your hand, by all
means, sell it. Use the money to have a nice BBQ dinner at Tony Roma's,
where you won't have to tend the fire. Ask for extra sauce. ;-)

Nick. Support severely wounded and disabled Veterans and their families!

Thank a Veteran and Support Our Troops. You are not forgotten. Thanks ! ! !
~Semper Fi~

Tony Romas? I want something that I can eat, not something that
should be worn on my feet.