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Default Traeger flavor issue (Was: Traeger Grill Temperature Problem)


If I do not get some clear direction this week I will be looking for a
way to sell it by next weekend. As much as I hated dealing with my
Good-One that I sold to keep from moving, I will probably get another
one. It makes a fabulous brisket and the ribs are good too. I had
hoped to get away from having to tend the fire.

I have a Traeger 075 and don't seem to have an issue with uneven temps. I
have the grill positioned so it receives almost no wind. Also live in AZ and
there have been times where the internal temperature of the grill was 160+
before even starting it (outside temp 110+, typical here in the summer). If
I set it to low ("Smoke") the temperature stays at 225-260. It creeps up to
260 during a "smoke session" and then slowly goes back down to 225 before
the next session occurs.

But I would like to know, compared to your prior experience with
non-Traegers, is what you think of the "taste" from Traeger.

I ask because I'm beginning to think that what is gained in convenience is
lost in taste. There is something about it that doesn't quite seem right.
Can't put an exact word or words to it but if I had to it would be something
like smoked lumber, with a hint of burning sawdust. Even the smoke doesn't
smell like what I've noticed in other smokers, or in most BBQ joints.

I'm hoping it's me. Tried different wood (pellets) but that "lumber" flavor
seems to remain. IIRC Traeger's pellets are 80% alder with the remaining 20%
whatever wood it is sold as. Have tried most of the flavors (not "garlic"
and "onion") and don't see much of a difference.

This has me puzzled since most everyone I know who has a Traeger loves the
flavor. And it's not that it is terrible to me or anything. Indeed if I use
a rub or other flavoring agents the "lumber" taste isn't nearly as evident.
But I'm trying to get down to basics and when I go with just S&P the lumber
flavor is quite evident. Have only used Traeger pellets, nothing else.