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Default Traeger Grill Temperature Problem

On Jun 9, 1:26 pm, " BOB" wrote:
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The temperature is uneven across the surface of my Traeger 075. I see
a variation of as much as 40 degrees from the temp probe (left) end to
the middle. I know that it gets even hotter the further I go to the
right. Traeger says that difference is even greater as you go up in
temperature. They act like this as something that must be lived with
if you want to use their grill. I was told when I purchase the grill
that the temperature was uniform asross the surface.

Has anyone else observed this and is there anything that can be done
to distribute the heat more evenly. People appear to be using this
grill and not having an issue with it. I just can't see how you can
put a couple of brisket on this thing without getting varying degrees
of doneness from one end to the other of the grill.

Enlighten me. Please.

Use these temperature differences to your advantage. Put the larger brisket
in the hotter area. Or the larger end in the hotter area.
Or, you can put the butts or chicken in the hotter area. I cook ribs hotter
than butts or brisket. Ribs can go in the hotter portion.
The bottom rack of my Stump's Smoker is hotter than the others. That's
where I cook the chicken or veggies.
Smoking meats isn't rocket surgery.


I agree. It isn't surgery. Unfortunately the way that I cook brisket
is based on a known external temp, and known internal temps. Not
having an even temp across the smoker, especially when you cook more
than one brisket, complicates things.