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Shen wrote:
On Jun 8, 3:36 am, Alan Petrillo wrote:
My girlfriend's mother gave us a tin of Keemun that she got when they
were living in Taiwan. It's at least 35 years old. To say it was
outstanding would be the great grandmother of all understatements, at
least for my unpracticed palate.

It's labeled as "Keemun Black Tea", and the manufacturer label is "China
National Native Produce & Animal By-Products Import & Export Corporation
Shanghai Tea Branch".

Considering what I've read about the Chinese tea industry going
downhill, should I even try to find more of this tea?

Where might I find a particularly good Keemun?

Thanks in advance,

I've had wonderful Keemun Hao Ya A from Teaspring (China), and from
Imperial Tea Court and from Jing's (China). Any of these are worth the
Chado in Los Angeles all has a very tasty Keemun.
I prefer chocaolately, malty complex flavour in this tea and any of
these, although I do prefer Teaspring's, are excellent.

I'll look them up, thanks.