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Blanche Nonken
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Default meat grinder now what!

Brian Mailman wrote:

Blanche Nonken wrote:

for making chopped liver (not pate; chopped
liver needs a bit more texture),

What no hochmesser?

I broke it years ago, haven't found just the right replacement. The
hockshissle spent a few years as a ryebread sponge bowl, and the last
year or so is a properly seasoned salad bowl. :-) You can still very
faintly read the bracha shel challah I wrote on the side, because I
could never remember the damned thing and didn't want to crap up my
siddur with bits of eggy damp flour. :-)

(It's all part of the Zionist World Control Conspiracy, don't worry
about the bits you don't understand, just skip this message and move
along. Fnord.)