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The Joneses
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Default Cauliflower Pickle

The Joneses wrote:

Well I made the Mixed Winter Pickle from _Small Batch
Preserving_.... I did not have any wax beans so I used
Sugar Snap Peas. I would not advise this again. They
were certainly edible, but this recipe is canned and at my
altitude the mix had to boil for 25 minutes. The peas
were on the verge of too done. ...
The cauliflower maintained its shape, but was well cooked.
Chunks of cauliflower big or bigger than a walnut is a good
size. Smaller gets cooked too much ...

Got to thinking today (don't want to do too much thinking
in one day you know, wears out the little gray cells).
I made the recipe for quarts of pickles. At my altitude,
is 25 min processing time. I would have been better off
canning in pints and cutting 5 min off the recipe. Anything
helps I guess.