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Default Booger's diatribe

On May 23, 8:18´┐Żam, "Gunner" wrote:
*We can only wish you would leave or that you only *have that "3 years left
to live" based on your ancestors, *but *you will continue to play this
stupid racist game *you so much enjoy . *But Booger you are a proven liar
and a fraud, you make no relevant points here to address, you cannot cook,
you do
not like Mexicans, so why do you come here?
It is just to stir up shit,
isn't it, you miserable old fart.

Hey, you followed me in here, why did you do that?

Why would any reasonable person follow somebody around Usenet to see
what they have said in other newsgroups?

And why do you spend so much time trying to nitpick my attempts to
educate the vulgarians who post here?

And why are you trying to figure out where I live?

Are you a stalker?

It sure looks like it to me.

Don't get yourself involved in anything criminal.