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"MarilynŠ" wrote:

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Scott took a deep breath, sighed and spoke thusly:
Just a FYI: Alton Brown has a special on jams on Food Network

"Urban Preservation I: Jam Session
Nobody seems to make jam anymore and Alton has wondered why. It is a
time-honored tradition, and it's easy and delicious. Alton is on a
mission to make canning common again! Using good science and easy
methods, Alton will show you how to jam. Recipe: Spiced Blueberry

November 25, 2003 11:30 PM ET/PT

November 26, 2003 3:30 AM ET/PT

We must be nobodies, then, in this group since many of us do make jam. Stupid Food

Having abandoned my search for the truth, I am now looking for a good

I sometimes find him fascinating, if a bit fussy in the kitchen. But then again this
the same program that showed people how to scramble eggs recently. Who
knows, maybe I'll learn something. I did measure where water boils in my
neighborhood and found it was 2 degrees lower than I thought (on my own
'meter anyway). No wonder my jelly got too stiff.